Anti-Racism Reading Group


Anti-Racism Reading Group

led by Abigail Ozanne


How do we as Christians respond to the racially charged violence in our nation, state, and even witnessed and experienced by church members locally? Join us to explore this and other questions about race, racism and privilege as we read articles and excerpts from books and watch videos. We will have an introductory session on September 27th from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Those interested in exploring deeper can continue for five more sessions in October, dates TBA. We will be reading excerpts of books written by a variety of authors, both black and white, male and female. Books include: Trouble I’ve Seen by Drew Hart, Waking up White by Debby Irving, Stand Your Ground by Kelly Brown Douglas, and America’s Original Sin by Jim Wallis. Many of these authors write from a Christian perspective and look at how the church can live faithfully and provide a prophetic witness to society.

Perhaps you are like me and want to believe that these problems are confined to other cities, other communities. Yet in our very pews sit people who have experienced racial bullying and violence. In our very pews sit people like myself who, whether knowingly or unknowingly, have contributed to such acts of violence and the systems that perpetrate, permit, and even justify them. My passion for addressing this issue grows not just out of my own feelings of urgency due to the shooting of Philando Castile in my hometown, but also out of the experiences of the youth who are members of the church that have encountered racial bullying.

I believe that as Christians, we are called to take a stand. We must confess that we are part of the problem and realize that we can be part of the solution. We can educate ourselves on the issues, such as racism, police brutality, the school-to-prison pipeline, and white privilege. We can learn about the history of racism in this country and the structures that perpetuate it today. We can name racism when we see it, hear it, do it, witness it. It is in the darkness of ignorance that racism thrives. Let us shine a light of knowledge upon it.

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