FUMC launches a new website

We’ve spent many hours this summer with our website developer, Celia Wirth, constructing a new website for First United Methodist Church of Stillwater, Minnesota.   And though there are still a few things that need refinement, we are ready to launch!  We hope you will spend some time clicking through the site to see what’s here.  And check back frequently to see what has been added as this new website will have more dynamic content.

One thing we want you to notice is our blog section.  Blog posts will be added in three categories:

Food for Thought where we will share thoughts and reflections on any number of topics.

Nourishing the Spirit where we will share poetry, quotes, and pictures to enrich your spirit.

Events where we will highlight upcoming events or celebrate recent events.

The five most recent blog posts will be visible in the right sidebar.  When you click on the Blog tab in the menu you will be taken to a running list of blogs (beginning with the most recent).  When you click on the particular category, you will be taken to a list of blogs from that category.  Sermons (text and audio) can be reached from the Worship tab.  Our blog feature will allow us to continually update our content, so check in frequently.  We also plan to link our blogs to the church Facebook page.  So if you are on Facebook, please “like” and “share” our Blog posts in order to help us draw more people to our website!

Finally, as you spend time with the new website, please let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.  We are particularly concerned that you are able to easily navigate around the site to find what you are looking for.

Enjoy this new website and watch as it continually evolves!

Growing in Love of God and Neighbor,

Pastors Donna and Marty

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