Treasure Box

During Children’s Time on February 19, 2017, I gave each of our children a Treasure Box where they could gather up reminders of what they treasure:  what they cherish, value and hold most dear.  The box included the information below to help them think about what they might include in their Treasure Box.  There are still two boxes available at church and I would be glad to make more if needed.  Let me know!  Or make your own Treasure Box!  This would be a great project for a family, as well.  Create a “Family Treasure Box” and fill it with notes about all the things your family treasures most.


Treasure Box
Use slips of paper and a marker to write down what you treasure in your life.
What are the things you love and cherish and value most dearly?

Here are some ways to get you started thinking about it:

What is one item in your room that you treasure?
is it a game or toy or book or stuffed animal that is really special to you?
is it something that was given to you by someone important in your life?
is it something that reminds you of a special day or experience you had?
Those things are treasures. What other ones can you think of?

Who are the people that you treasure?
your parents? brothers and sisters? grandparents? aunts and uncles? cousins?
your next door neighbor? your best friend at school?
how about a teacher who really cares about you and helps you learn?
or someone here at the church who is always kind to you?
Those people are treasures. Who else can you think of?

What kinds of experiences do you treasure?
things that brings you joy or laughter?
new ideas and thoughts that make your mind stretch?
traveling to a new place? sitting by a campfire? going on an adventure?
Those experiences are treasures. Can you think of other experiences?

What else do you treasure?
love? kindness? honesty? trying your best? sharing?
times when you can draw or color? make music? read a good book? ride your bike? play on a team?
helping someone in need? hearing your friend laugh?
getting a big hug from your mom or dad?
being alone? being surrounded by friends?
singing hymns in church? knowing that you are loved by God?
All of these are treasures, too. What other treasures do you have in your life?

Jesus encourages us not to store up treasures on earth – the kinds of treasures that can be lost or stolen or broken – but to store up treasures in heaven. Sometimes people get too focused on money and things, and they forget that the greatest treasures in our lives are usually not things that can be bought or sold.  So this treasure box is a way to help you stretch your faith, by opening your eyes and your heart to all there is in life to treasure.

How to use your Treasure Box:
You can use it as a personal treasure box that you keep in a special place in your room. Or you can make it a family treasure box, placing it on the kitchen counter or the dining room table. Spend some time (alone or as a family) writing down things that you treasure on small pieces of paper and placing them in your Treasure Box. Add to your Treasure Box any time you think of, or experience, another treasure in your life. Now and then, open up the box and read about all the treasures in your life!   And give thanks to God from whom all blessings and treasures flow!


Hey Donna, how did you make those boxes?

I started this project too late to find the kind of boxes I had in mind, so I ended up  purchasing “cupcake” boxes. I found the scripture quote online and taped it under the cellophane window, and then decorated the box with colorful Scotch tape (who knew they made this stuff?).  Inside there is a small 3 inch marker and pieces of colored paper inside a plastic bag.  I also included the above instructions.


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