Ways to Participate 2017


Festa di Pasta 2017
“all hands on deck”

There are many ways for you to participate
in this important fund raising event
which supports our church’s ministry and mission!


Purchase Tickets for the Dinner

Invite your family, neighbors and friends to attend

Put a sign in your yard

Take a poster or flyer to place on a community bulletin board, in your apartment lobby, or at your local workplace

Sign up to volunteer the day of the event – it’s great fun to work together with other members!

setting up, food prep, food service, dining room table service, cleaning up afterwards

Purchase chances to win the quilts that has been donated by our quilting group

Make a donation for the Country Store

make jams or jellies, breads or other food items, create hand-crafted items, bring fall or Christmas décor items

Support the Silent Auction

Offer to visit a local business or restaurant to solicit a gift card or gift certificate
please check at the sign up table to coordinate our efforts

Donate gift cards – these are always popular
if you purchase through Scrip the church earns more!

Offer services and experiences (these tend to draw the most money)
host a dinner, offer a talent or skill, offer a weekend at the cabin or a ride on the river

Create a “theme” basket of items

Come to Festa di Pasta on Saturday October 28th between 4:00 and 7:00 pm.
shop at the Country Store, bid on items at the Silent Auction, and enjoy a great dinner.

Express support and appreciation to those who helped make it happen!

Be proud of your congregation for the way we work together!

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