With the Eyes and Ears of Faith

There is an old rabbinic story. A man comes to his rabbi and asks, “Rabbi, why did God choose to speak to Moses out of something so lowly as a bush?” And the rabbi answered, “God chose to do so to show us that there is nothing so common or ordinary in life that it cannot become a means for God to speak to us.”

Sun-flowers in field

This is the wisdom behind our worship theme this summer: Lessons of Summer. Our faith is an incarnational faith, meaning that God came to us in the humanity of Jesus, and God comes to us, and speaks to us, and calls to us, from out of the everyday experiences of our lives, even something as lowly as a bush. So this summer in our preaching we are exploring some common summer events, activities, and occasions – road trips, weddings, golf, Sabbath time, baseball, gardening – looking for the presence of God, and listening for a word from God, and gleaning from these experiences life and faith lessons.

In our tradition we often talk about seeing and hearing with “the eyes and ears of faith,” and this is what these lessons of summer are encouraging us to do. They remind us that there is no place that we can go in life, and no place that we can be, where God is not with us. For our part we must be open and attentive to God’s presence with us. Like Moses and the bush, we must be willing to turn aside and look, really look, for what God is doing in our midst, and to listen to how God may be calling us, as God called Moses long ago.

Growing in Love of God and Neighbor,

Pastor Marty Raths

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