Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when I enter the church building?

If you enter from the upper parking lot, you will enter directly into our Gathering Space. Please stop by the Welcome Table where you will find a friendly welcome, church information, a place to sign in and make a nametag, and directions as needed to bathrooms, nursery, Sunday school rooms, etc. If you enter from the lower parking lot you will need to come up the stairs into the Gathering Space. There is an elevator right by the lower entrance which will also take you to the upper level. You will also be greeted as you enter the sanctuary and given a bulletin. Please sit wherever you like.

What do people usually wear to church?

People of all ages come to worship in clothing to fit the weather and their own needs for comfort. We see everything from jeans to business casual to suits and dresses. We just want you to come and worship with us.

Will there be an opportunity to meet people?

Each Sunday we have a time of fellowship and refreshment in the Fellowship Hall behind the sanctuary. We hope you will join us and make some connections with other worshipers.

I’m coming for the first time with my child.  What should I tell my child to expect?

During the school year we have Sunday school for all ages beginning at 9:30 a.m. Our children’s ministry is for 3 year olds through 6th graders and includes scripture, music, crafts, computer activities, cooking projects, service projects and special visitors.  During the Sunday school hour there are also classes for youth, grades 7-12, and adults.

Worship follows Sunday school at 10:30 a.m. Children are always welcome to stay with you during the worship service, to go to our nursery (with paid staff), or to spend time in the fellowship hall where a child can move about with a bit more freedom while the parent can still hear what’s going on in the sanctuary.  You’ll see all of these occurring on a normal Sunday. If you do need to step out of worship for a time, please return as soon as you can.

Most Sundays we have a Children’s Message during worship. Children come forward during the singing of a special song such as Jesus Loves Me or This is Where Children Belong. A worship leader shares a special message with the children. Afterwards children return to their seats with their families and some go to the nursery.

When do you serve communion and how?

Communion is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of each month and on special occasions. The Lord’s Table is an open table where all are welcome.  All are invited to come forward to take a piece of bread and dip it in a common cup before partaking and returning to their seats. Those who are unable to come forward are served in the pew. Children are welcome at the table and receive communion or a blessing at the discretion of their parents. We use grape juice for communion so those in recovery can participate worry-free and we offer a gluten-free bread option for people with wheat sensitivities.

As a visitor, am I expected to participate in the offering?

We understand the offering as our response to God’s grace in our lives. The gifts we give support our local church and its ministry as well as our outreach into the community and beyond through the United Methodist Church. If you are visiting First United Methodist Church of Stillwater for the first time, please be our guest as well as Jesus’ guest. Save your offering today and spend the week being attentive to all ways you are blessed. When you come back again we will be glad to include your offering with ours in gratitude for all the ways God is present in our lives and in our world.

How do I join First United Methodist Church of Stillwater?

New member classes are held periodically throughout the year. In the class, which lasts about 90 minutes, participants are given a brief introduction to United Methodist history and beliefs, as well as to the life and ministry of our local congregation. Following the new member class, you will be recognized at the Sunday service. Friendship partners are recruited to support our new members as they get to know the congregation.

How does baptism work at First United Methodist Church of Stillwater?

We recognize the baptism of other denominations, and we baptize all ages—infants, youth, and adults. We encourage you to worship with us prior to requesting baptism to determine if our church is the right faith community for you. The first step toward baptism is scheduling a conversation with a pastor; please contact the office for an appointment.

What if I am United Methodist or a member in another church, and I want to transfer?

If you are new to our congregation, we ask you to take the new member class, even if you are a United Methodist, because we want to ensure you understand who we are, how we have been called to ministry, where we serve our community, and to meet others who are new to our congregation.

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