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As of August 16, 2021

  • On August 11th our Bishop and the MN Conference of the United Methodist Church recommended that churches in counties that exceed a 5% COVID positivity rate return to the suggested protocols of the Yellow Phase. As of today, Washington County exceeded the 5% positivity rate. We are now masking, social distancing and encouraged not to participate in congregational singing.
  • FIRST UNITED's current COVID guideline is that of “Wrapping All People In God’s Love”. We are hoping to set a standard during worship in the sanctuary of kindness and consideration. We expect our congregation to be sensitive and accommodating to the needs of others. We encourage people to ask others before they sit down if it is okay to join them. We request that our members allow those who need it to have a 6ft perimeter around them to feel comfortable. We will guard the health of our children and youth and we will bring masks and be happy to wear them if someone near us feels safer and more included by that action.

FIRST UNITED's Worship Committee in association with our Administrative Council have agreed upon these items:

  1. We will maintain the "Order of Worship" as we are currently doing.
  2. No paper bulletins: Announcements, Hymns, Hymn Numbers, Liturgy will all be projected.
  3. We will be asking people to be liturgists.
  4. Communion: People are invited to bring their own communion elements; however, communion elements will be available, with procedures in place to serve everyone. Stewards will have sanitized hands and will be wearing gloves.
  5. Gathering Space & Fellowship Hall will be available to those who feel more comfortable physical distancing in those spaces.
  6. It is recommended that people do not linger indoors before or after worship.


Our live-streamed services are recorded from the Sanctuary and include everything you would find in-person. Scripture, prayer, music and a message from the Pastor are part of the service. Creativity and technology are in full use. Join us at 9:30am.

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